MEGAMONDE, is a group of companies specialized in motorcycle machining, trade and various services internationally. In recent years, Megamonde has excelled as an agent in brokerage and services that have earned the company to be called upon by large foreign groups. The company and its executives have a strong experience, and a business acumen tracing back to 1998, with a perfect knowledge of the Burkinabe market, and even the sub-regional market. MEGAMONDE's commercial success has been achieved thanks to the choice of its products and quality of its services. The particular attention paid to its communication (relevance/intensity/media), its pricing policy and its adapted financing systems have propelled MEGAMONDE to the rank of the country's leading companies, worth being mentioned on wikipedia *

’’Over the years, MEGAMONDE has become a key player in Burkina Faso's automotive industry and economy’’


Excel in our various services so as to better satisfy our partners, our final customers and thus to remain a reference on the economic scene of Burkina Faso and the sub-region.


Materialize our vision by professionally offering partners and consumers tailored products and services at an unbeatable price/quality ratio.


Materialize our vision by professionally offering partners and consumers tailored products and services at an unbeatable price/quality ratio.


start of the sale of second-hand "2 wheel" vehicles of various brands (YAMAHA, SUZUKI), under ETABLISSEMENTS BASMA ET FRERES.

This structure by then was already benefiting from the collaboration of certain foreign suppliers, notably from Africa, Europe and Asia.

From 1998 onwards
the company's structure is improved with the establishment of a company called MEGAMONDE which diversified its activities by mainstreaming the sale of electrical household appliances, air conditioners, cars, generators, agricultural equipment, telephony, engine lubricants, etc.

The strong consumer interest in MEGAMONDE's products and the development of partnerships with Chinese suppliers led the company to develop its "2-wheel" unit which at first focused on import and sales of brand new Chinese motorcycles. As a second step, the company set up in 2002 an industrial unit with a production capacity of 35,000 machines per year.

Is the starting point of new business opportunities with new ambitions, hence the development of brokering and consulting with foreign partners with foreign partners for the implementation of projects at national level. Thus, MEGAMONDE as a stakeholder and subcontractor participates in the implementation of Public/Private Projects (PPP) such as renewal of transportation documents (driving licenses and registration documents) or production of secure identification documents (passport and visa) to name but a few. MEGAMONDE is also involved in many other projects, notably construction, energy and other investments. These actions aim to respond consistently to market demand and contribute to the development of the country's economic activity, through employment and a range of tax contributions.


A good knowledge of the field and market;
Experienced the teams;
The restructuring of the company's departments into specialized departments;
The nurturing and development of relationships;
Corporate culture and customer relations;
An "EFFICIENT" and "EXPERIENCED" sales force;
A rooted reputation;
A national presence thanks to our integrated network and our authorized distributors;
Excellent relations maintained with suppliers and financial and commercial partners;
A perpetual quest for business opportunities;
An outstanding network;
A permanent and reactive competitive intelligence;
Real prospects identified in niches not yet explored by competitors.