MEGAMONDE is an industrial company and a well-known distributor in Burkina Faso. Since its creation, MEGAMONDE specialized in the machining and marketing of own and partner brand motorcycles.

In addition to this specialty, MEGAMONDE is also distributor of range of everyday products such as:

  • Air conditioners,
  • Household appliances,
  • Power generators,
  • Agricultural equipment
  • ICT products

Thanks to its experience and its knowledge of the national market, MEGAMONDE in its diversification strategy, implemented a SERVICES' department the main mission of which is to lend a strong hand to foreign investors wishing to expand their business in Burkina Faso, but whose lack of knowledge of the field can be dissuasive.

MEGAMONDE, is ready and available to advise any serious investor in development projects in partnership or not with the Burkinabe State.

Thus, the SERVICES ' department of MEGAMONDE has to its credit, actual achievements which are as follows:
As an agent and consultant MEGAMONDE contributed to:

  • The signing of the PPP relating to renewal of transport documents (driving license and registration) in Burkina Faso between the Burkinabe State and a French Group (IDEMIA);
  • The signing of the PPP with the same French Group and the State for the production of secure identification documents in Burkina Faso (Passport and visa);
  • Successful talks with the State for the construction of a solar power plant in the south-eastern part of the country and the construction of a hotel complex in Ouagadougou, in collaboration with a major Turkish group;
  • The good evolution of discussions with the Burkinabe State in the presence of two major Chinese companies, one for the completion of a road and motorway (OUAGA-BOBO) and the other for the completion of major electrification works to increase national energy production capacity.

As a subcontractor and service provider MEGAMONDE conducted:

  • Construction works and renovation of buildings,
  • Works to fit out and secure buildings,
  • Supply / installation and interconnection of ICT equipment,
  • Installation of network and communication systems,
  • Delivery of office furniture and supplies,
  • Delivery of vehicles, generators and various equipment as well as maintenance of the equipment, etc.

All these supplies were made within the framework of the execution of the various Public Private Partnership projects (on transport documents, on secure identification documents and visas).

MEGAMONDE also supplies various mining sites in Burkina Faso (Youga, Balogo, Bintou, etc.) with fresh and dry food products as well as a range of other everyday consumer products.


The « B to B »

MEGAMONDE in its policy of commercial revitalization and extension of its activities, undertook an intensification of its prospecting actions that led to:

  • The development and intensification of brokerage activities through provision of business and consulting services in collaboration with foreign or local individuals with a view to implementing large-scale projects.
  • The initiation of grouped "credit" sales of various machines and equipment to public and private structures with the assistance of local financial institutions.